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craZY mad...iOu0*( waCKNESs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man.>/ i am so drunk.

i am not sure i want to make art anymore. whyu is that.? i mean. over xmas i made no prints. i just played warcraft3. i love that game. still working on it. my sweetness is playing frozen throne. she lovesthe elves.

crap a lingus.ilove VOdKA!@34827 and mike'sh ard lemon aDE.!!!@#$%!@#@!!!341(groupings of #'s = diVISIONS oF foUR. i love fOUR!!@#$#4342511 hehehehehehehehhehehehhhhehhe

i am so drunkded.!!@# classes started to morrow. i am so uninterested. i am unmotivated. art isnt within my radius. i am stuck. i am got a job working in the printmaking shop. in some ways i can see myself working in a shop as a shopdoG more than making art. like i NOn't waNT NA makE anYNMORE arT. just work in aAPrinTSHOP>>>>???>>... i dunno. art is dying. i am dying. everying is dead. maybe it is over and i should do what i really am interested in....playing warcraft and drinkING voDKA. and some mike''s hard lemonade.lemoNNN aid AiID aid AIDAID

lookie here.

here is something that make''s it all betterszze.I(&UY{()B

i say helloOH to everyYBOODby...on lj and my love ofF oall lovesS my girlL deadgiRLLLL.

piss out.
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