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thomas the cat says hello. meow.

war. wow...what can we do? some say vote? wow what a waste of fucking time. they just steal elections. i think the best thing we can do is try to have a fucking normal, sane, life with love and being loved.

making prints still seems important.


we will go...tomorrow. what we will do is grain a limestone from bavaria till it is smooth and has no scratches.

then we will draw on it with greasy lithographic ink or crayon...then we will put gum arabic and nitric acid on the stone depending on how much grease we put in the stone. at this point we are trying to fix the drawing we did to the stone. we do a second etch...more gum arabic and nitic acid.

at this point we can run it through a lithographic press. damn am i so drunk. i would like to say now that i am sorry i waited till i was drunk to respond to all of my friends journals entries. hope i didnt misspell all of the words in this post and all the others.

at this point i bow. mainly cause my stone for litho is so heavy i have to use a lift to move it. :)

litho is fucking amazing!

thomas the cat says hello. meow.

i love you sweetie girl.............


(entry edited after i saw it today. didnt even remember what i wrote last night. of course i am drinking again while editing.)
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