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just a tiny puzzle piece, better find my place

working on a monoprint and gessoing over an old class assignment to paint a brand new painting over the top of an old one. a painting i did last year...a couple semesters ago. sorry if i am not spelling very well but i have had a few cocktails....a bloody mary and a few screw-drivers. since school has been over i have been working on a couple of relief prints and drinking alot.

my girl is soooooooooooo amazing. somehow she managed to get me the present i needed and wanted most of all. probably the most bestest prestent ever!!!! i love you girl!! wow!!!@$%$#^!fucking wow!!!@#$%$* just goddamn fucking holy mother of gOD WOW!@#$@!#$!@$#!#$(^*(&$#^%(*&%()(*)#*)(&(#&_*#(R&* (there we go. i think we got the expression we wanted.)

i think i have found my place. in water color and printmaking survey i had the two most important teachers i have ever had. i understand composition and color so much better than i ever have. now i am a student at the largest visual arts program (not the best, but the largest) ever at the moment. i am learning so much. i finally feel like i am making work that i can be proud of.
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