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mmmmm nmmmmmn mmmmmn mmmmmn ----> i jumped into the river. what did i see?

wine. i jumped into the river what did i see? black eyed angel swam with me. my sweetness is asleep. if you can not speak of something we must pass over it in silence. nothing to fear nothing to doubt. ohhhhhhhhhh. ohhh. ohhhhhh. ohhh. ohh. shivering in silence. went to the shore. the birth of oceans facinated me. there was nothing to fear, nothing to doubt.

i am amazed at the mystery of life. the truth still isn't known...we are alone. really. what do we know? what can we do? the eye stares into twilight! screaming crapholes!@#$%9 wow...did i say screaming crapholes???W?W??W?W@#@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i jumped into the river. what did i see?

got tired of idiot politics and i read about Ludwig Wittgenstein and oceans birth. come on - come on - you thin K yo U driv E m E craz Y!!! come ooooon come on. holy roman empire. come on if you think. come on if you think you can take us on!!!@#$ you can take us ooooooooooonnnnnn!!! you and who's army????!@???!???!@?!?@$#????!??!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!do you think you can defeat us. you forget so easy!!! we ride tonight. we ride tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy roman. we ride tonight. shiver. we ride tonight. the half moon sinks slowly towards the ho-risen.

the only thing left is printmaking. painting is dead. wine, printmaking, and my sweetness!!!#@$(*^C%DFD%DD%DDD%DDDD%DDDDD%l s86df9C%DFDDDDDD%l s86df9CFuseless tech can go to hell!!!fuckthisshitholecrapcangotohellDDFyou and showho'sarmy???D?D???>----

the mini semester class i was going to take is not going to have enough students to get off the ground. so i mailed the teacher and asked about a special problems course so that i could work with her and the artist from new york who is part of the whole project. she mailed me back and said that i could do a professional intership course which is much better and important!!!! i am about to cry with amazement! words mean nothing!!!!!!!!!!!@($*&^#*$@&#$^*(!!!!!!!! notinhng nothing nothing nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! words are nothing!!!! there is no future!!! it is all now now now nwonwo now now now!!@# what can be said which is important. let's go down to the waterfall. never look back. i love you jen. forevermuch. areive toone a poodle! morning bells. it pours over me with the slow coldness of dirt. still it is fullness and emputy. iz. iz....ifewoi iz.... fiz iz....alizzzzi...i iz. iz. i........jerry climbs the side of her cage up the bars to the top...once again. once again....she is paper in the wind ow pain....putting on the smile. i cant belive that i have the chance!!! i cant belive that i have the chance!!! i cant belive that i have the chance!!! i cant belive that i have the chance!!! i cant belive that i have the chance!!! i cant belive that i have the chance!!! this is so important!...i think i want to work in a print shop!! yeah. well. yeah.


words suck.
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