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questions cant be answered easily,

we made 50 origami cranes.

we put them in a rain filled river. or creek. they floated down...away from us. to heaven. they blessed us. helping us to heaven. you are free, you are free, you are free, you are freezing. waiting for the sun to explode. bright eyes providing lyrics to our lonely, inked stones and acid drenched copper plates. life is difficult. hope they thought tonight was at least a bit fun. i am sad. it is okay. i have been sad for weeks. have to work on my litho tomorrow. too bad one is ruined. :( :( :( that is how it works sometimes. sometimes. sometimes. the questions cant be answered easily, but i want it to be easy.

oh my god. oh my lord. what am i too do? roll your eyes and i will go away. dont leave me guessing...dont keep me waiting. jesus, jesus, god, good good god. :( what is happening? wide awake in a shoppin mall. :(

where do we come from?
where are we?
where are we going?

we all make predictions...
the truth isnt out yet.
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