Agent Enigma (agentenigma) wrote,
Agent Enigma

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it just seemed to lift by it's own accord

i have been so exhausted and down for so long....for a few weeks. life, my health, the world, all seemed to be falling apart. my whole world view and faith seemed to be absurd. the center can not hold. but then it just seemed to lift by it's own accord.

my sweet and i went out last night with the red headed angel (angelface7), drexplosivo and the gang (jedisephiroth, snapesmistress, picassoraining, simacct - i can't remember who else has an LJ). i won a pool game against circle343...the greatest pool player in the known universe. in some parts he is known as mario the grey.

i have such a difficult time just letting go and enjoying myself...but last night was so much fun. wish we could have stayed out longer and bowled some. playing pool was a lot of fun.
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