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vous breakdown. i spe

i think i might be having a nervous breakdown. i spent alot of the time today on the verge of feels like i can barely make it anywhere to do anything anymore. i am so tired. litho is wonderful but exhausting. i realized today that i will never paint again. it is kinda sad. but i was watching an etching demo and realized how old i was and how many printmaking techniques there are. i will be busy my whole life learning them all with no time for painting. however long that life is. if the world ends tomorrow then i wont learn as much as i wanted. i am working on a mezzotint, two lithographs and a linocut. only one of these prints is class related. it is the lithograph. i am hoping to put together a portfolio of relief prints soon. about 8 to 10 prints. a portfolio in printmaking is just like an album in music. it is a collection of prints. it will be a private portfolio with about 10 copies. just for friends and family. these will be my first relief prints.
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darling, art and madness are so intertwined I don't think one could exist without the other.

if you think about it though, you may spend the rest of your life learning about and making prints, but you can DO that. you have a wonderful talent.
thank you so much sweetie. you are so wonderful! you and mr doc explosivo are wonderfuls peoples!@#$ i am quite drunk. ack ack. plus!@!!!@#$ we had so much fun tonights!@#$@#$ more amazinged!#@$