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gloomy presentiments of things to come

for months bush has been telling us we are going to war soon. now it seems very very soon. today he said the "game" is over. hussein says he doesn't have terrible weapons. we know he does. everybody knows he does. that isn't the issue. the administration doesn't seem to understand this. the issue, at least to me, it seems is this. cant we try harder...much, much, much get the weapons from hussein without killing many, many, many innocent people? now the north korean leader announced that the bush administration does not have a monopoly on preemptive strikes. we know for a fact he has nuclear weapons. bush refuses to talk with him. several pakistani nuclear scientists, who have sympathies with al qaeda, have quit their jobs with the government of pakistan and are currently missing.

war always causes suffering. no matter how "just" we call it. i know war will never go away. i have no illusions about just saddens me.

goya's 'disasters of war' prints (i have seen this whole series in person. it is amazing.)

this really isn't a liberal observation, is just an observation of someone who is trying to see others with empathy. those who suffer most in war are innocents: children, women, civilians.

the reason i say this isn't a liberal observation, as opposed to conservative, is because i haven't chosen a side. the reason is that people from both "sides", left and right, seem to think that everything is permissible to achieve their goals...including murdering innocent people. why am i surprised? the creator is insane and blind.

still....i must make prints, everyday...printmaking has chosen me. i love you my sweetie girl. forevermuch.
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