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<|---litho---|>------->printing the image.

saturday my girl went with me too the print lab and made some flash cards for our history of photo class. then she helped me with printing my litho. it was amazing and terrifying. she kept the stone wet and i inked it. we just took proofs before the 2nd etch.

i rubbed the stone with mineral spirits. it removes the crayon and other drawing media off the stone. then i rubbed up the parts of the stone which had the drawing with asphaltum. this holds the drawing for printing. then i sponged the stone, with water...removing the gum arabic. the stone is then ready to print. deadgirl kept the stone wet with a sponge. and i used a leather roller to ink the stone where the asphaltum is. this is where the chemical change has taken place in the stone which makes it oil loving so that it takes ink really well. this is the point which we took three prints.

i love you my queen.

gum arabic
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