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<|----ut pictura poesis----|>

i have had very little time for this journal or much of anything else lately.

lithography (litho = stone - graphy = drawing) is quite a bit of work and has taken much of my time. it is rewarding, difficult, and time consuming labor. i have spent so many hours working on this stone. i have probably spent 10 hours working on this stone so far. just getting it to the point of etching (or fixing(for which we use nitric acid)) the drawing to the stone. i will probably spend several hours tomorrow working on it. my stone is so heavy i cant lift it. i must use a dolly/lift to move it around. i almost dropped it a few days ago. i could have lost my foot.

printmaking is so dangerous...painting isnt as dangerous. printmaking is like being a stuntman. or a navyseal....hehehe, it is for risk takers. it is like skydiving. i am such a badass. hehehe painting is for sissies. :) just kidding...i love painting too.

first you must grain (or grind) the stone to level it and remove the old drawings from other students. this took me 5 to 7 hours to get it level. alot of this time is spent out of class. it takes so much time that we are only doing 4 prints in a 4 month semester. i love litho so much. my wrists hurts so much. i have ganglion cysts in them. i cant wait till tomorrow to see how my litho prints. then the second etch. i am about to wet myself. if i wasnt so sleepy i would.
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