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offerings to the ground of being

been working on relief and monoprints since school has been out. christmas was wonderful. my girl, deadgirl, got me the best present ever!!! the history and technique of mezzotint.

anyway...i have been working on prints since school has been out....made some good prints and failed on a few. i love vodka. i have a lithography class next semseter which i am quite excited and terrified about!!!! i am about to pee on myself just thinking about it. we are going to use stone. hehehehe. my other two classes are history of prints and history of photography, which i am going to take with my girl. i love vodka. last semester was the best semester ever!!! i learned sooooooooo much. about composition and color and value. with begining watercolor and survey printmaking i had the best two teachers i have ever had. wow. one teacher said that i could be a player. fooking wow!! can this semester even live up to the last one? when i walked back onto the campus to check our p.o. box after christmas i just knew that i wanted to always be on a campus...hopefully as an art professor.

besides relief and monotype i am doing some expirements with collograph. i am about to see if this particular method or technique is going to work. now i am just rambling. i love vodka. i am a bit drunk so i just keep rambling and on and on and on & on & on & on....

think i might just have to take my tiny doggy outside. he just barked at me.
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